This tool makes predictions for patients admitted to hospital because of COVID-19 symptoms. It estimates the chance of being admitted to ICU and predicts whether ventilator treatment will be required.

Disclaimer: For subjects not admitted to hospital because of COVID-19 symptoms the predictions are meaningless. The predictions are based upon the information entered above. The predictions are calculated by a model based on data from a large number of Danish patients who were admitted to Danish hospitals because of COVID-19 symptoms. The predictions need not generalize to other patient populations.

Please note the predictions provided to you are only estimates. They only take limited information into account, and there may be other factors that are not included in the estimate which may increase or decrease the risk ICU admission and ventilator treatment. The uncertainty increases for rare comorbidity, age, and BMI combinations. The provided estimates are no guarantees for certain treatments. In particular, ICU admission and ventilator treatment may become necessary even if the predicted risk is low. This information is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor or healthcare provider about the diagnosis, treatment, or potential outcomes. The authors are not responsible for medical decisions that may be made based on the provided estimates, which are provided for informational purposes.

Permitted Use: An external platform may open this web address in a new browser window. However, we do not permit the calculator to appear as an integrated feature of any external platform, nor do we permit the functionality of the prediction tool to be automated in any way. The tool must be presented in its original, unaltered form.

Version: Models updated based on data until January 5, 2021.

Reference: Jimenez-Solem et al. Developing and Validating Covid-19 Adverse Outcome Risk Prediction Models From a Bi-national European Cohort of 5594 Patients. Scientific Reports, 2021.